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BentoBox for Food Trucks

Food on the move—keep guests up-to-date on location, menu and hours online.

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“BentoBox has given me the power to update my website on a regular basis without having to pay expensive web developers every time I need to change something. This is helping grow my business by engaging my customers with current events and much more.”

Rachel Priddy | Owner at Rose & Lois

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Where Guests Can Find You

Simply mark your location, front and center, so that guests know where to find you.

Cost You Can Afford

Full-service design and support of an agency, at a fraction of the cost.

Share Your Story

Showcase your team, press coverage and share your story.

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An Online Home

Give your loyal customers a place to see what's new.

Updates in Minutes

Quickly update your menu as dishes or ingredients change.

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Online Promotion

Best-in-class, mobile-first design so you stand out.