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The Best Restaurant Websites in Philadelphia

Philadelphia restaurants are using BentoBox to grow their brands, streamline their workflows and increase their revenue — on- and off-premises. Here are some of our favorite examples.

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Across the country, restaurant operators are preparing to face the "new normal" — and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, restaurants are no different.

To do this, many restaurants are creating best-in-class websites that meet the challenges — and seize the opportunities — of the current moment. They're investing in custom design to leave a strong, brand-first impression on future diners. They're setting up online commerce stores to diversify revenue and fight back against third-party commissions. And they're integrating websites with other technology to streamline workflows and operate with fewer, higher-paid staff members.

Want to see how that looks in action? We curated some of the best Philadelphia websites built on BentoBox, the premier online marketing and commerce platform for restaurants. Check them out below.

Her Place Supper Club



When Amanda Shulman launched Her Place Supper Club in June 2021, she wanted it to feel like "going over to your mom's house for dinner." The menu is set. The plates all come out at once. And the food is so good that Shulman was nominated for the Best Emerging Chef James Beard Award. Capturing this on a website is a difficult needle to thread, but with quaint illustrations on the homepage and menu pages, Her Place's website evokes the restaurant's charm. It feels like an absurdly talented mom-slash-artist did the web design, just as the meal tastes like an absurdly talented mom-slash-chef did the cooking.

Pizzeria Vetri

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Pizzeria Vetri's website is a masterclass in restaurant copywriting. The hero visual introduces the concept of "4 days. 4 ingredients," which it later elaborates refers to how its dough is made: four ingredients fermented for four days, always. It also positions its pies like snowflakes, claiming that "no two pizzas at PV are the same" and calling them "perfectly imperfect." Especially when combined with the rustic design of the website, this language establishes Pizzeria Vetri as confident, authoritative pizza experts — and that's all the reason guests need to try their pies.

Charley Dove

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From a brand perspective, few restaurants face a more unique challenge than Charley Dove. In some ways, it replaced Rittenhouse Square institution Audrey Claire; in other ways, it simply rebranded it. Regardless, its website toes a delicate line between preserving what made Audrey Claire great — a hole-in-the-wall attitude with an award-on-the-wall menu — and charting its own path as Charley Dove. It does this with a smart mix of photography and design elements, while always keeping the script-font restaurant name prominent.

Hook & Master

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Opened in October 2021, Hook & Master was Iron Chef Jose Garces' first new brick-and-mortar in seven years. In addition to Chicago-style pizzas that harken back to Garces' roots, the nautical-branded restaurant serves an impressive menu of seafood small plates. Its website captures this duality with nautical colors and logos and copy that reads "Welcome Aboard," alongside photos of the diverse menu. It also drives substantial commission-free revenue with BentoBox online ordering, an optimized platform that allows it, among other things, to elevate its weekly specials for online customers.

BentoBox Online Ordering

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Saxbys has more than 20 locations, but it's headquartered and primarily located in Philly. Having already built brand awareness with many guests in its target audience, its website focuses on building brand equity through purpose-driven campaigns and initiatives. This includes a description of its Experiential Learning Platform, which helps provide education to student employees, along with full pages about its social impact and mission. Its merchandise store is filled with at-home coffee supplies, making it easy for site visitors to support them and their mission — while also brewing a great cup of joe.

Trattoria Carina



Trattoria Carina is the definition of a "neighborhood Italian spot." The dining room seats barely over 30 people, but it bustles with a motley crew of homemade pasta and wine lovers — be them families, first dates, business partners or party owls. Its website uses a smart combination of lifestyle photography for the space and food photography for the menu, while also effectively pushing guests to pages for reservations, online commerce or private event inquiries.

Sabrina's Cafe



Though its original location in the Italian Market closed during the pandemic, Sabrina's Cafe's brand and business remains strong. It still has beloved locations near the Art Museum and University City, along with a pair in New Jersey and a fifth soon to come on South Street. Its website reflects its image as one of Philly's quintessential brunch spots, including soft, welcoming colors and a press section that presents its local accolades.

Han Dynasty

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Han Dynasty is a remarkable local success story. The first location opened at a strip mall in Exton, but its authentic Sichuan cooking earned it immediate fans and accolades. It has since expanded to 11 total locations, including three in Philadelphia and four in New York City. Its website captures the spirit, personality and passion of its brand, while also driving business with native features such as restaurant event tickets.

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